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How to connect Belkin WeMo devices

To connect a WeMo device with SmartThings

Note: These instructions apply to the Belkin WeMo Switch Outlet, Belkin WeMo Motion Sensor, and Belkin WeMo In-Wall Switch. For instructions on how to connect the Belkin WeMo LED Bulb (F7C033), go here.

First, set up your WeMo device through the WeMo iOS or Android app.

두 번째, SmartThings 모바일 앱에서 다음을 수행합니다.

  1. Marketplace(스토어)를 누릅니다.
  2. Under Things, tap Safety & Security (for Belkin WeMo Motion) or Lights & Switches (for Belkin WeMo Light Switch or Belkin WeMo Switch)
  3. Tap Motion Sensors or Switches & Dimmers (depending on device)
  4. Tap Belkin
  5. 기기를 누릅니다.
  6. 지금 연결을 누릅니다.
  7. The Hub will scan your local network for WeMo devices. During this time, a spinner will appear every few seconds. When a device is found, "(0 found)" will increment to the number of WeMo devices on the same network as your SmartThings Hub
  8. Tap WeMo to enable the device(s) within SmartThings
  9. 해당 기기 옆의 상자를 선택합니다.
  10. 완료를 누릅니다.
  11. Done(완료) 을 다시 누릅니다.

Note: Your WeMo devices and the SmartThings Hub will have to be on the same local network in order to work together.


To use and configure WeMo devices within SmartThings

Access your WeMo devices from the Things view within the SmartThings mobile app:

  1. My Home(홈)을 누릅니다.
  2. Things(연결기기)를 누릅니다.
  3. 기기를 누릅니다.

Note: The WeMo (Connect) SmartApp will show up in the SmartApps view. Do not uninstall the WeMo (Connect) SmartApp, or you'll have to reconnect your WeMo devices.

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