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Troubleshooting: GE in-wall switch or dimmer won’t respond to commands or automations (Z-Wave)

If your GE in-wall switch or dimmer is connected to the Hub but will not respond to commands from the mobile app, there are a few things you can try to get it working again.


기기가 Hub에서 너무 멀리 떨어져 있을 수 있습니다.

The range of your Hub and devices will vary depending on your local environment. Generally speaking, the switch should be able to connect and communicate with the Hub within 60-70 feet with a clear line of sight. Any walls between the Hub and the device can reduce that range by 25-30%. Keep this in mind when installing your in-wall switch or dimmer.

If you think the switch is out of range, moving it closer to the Hub will certainly help. You can also connect more Z-Wave devices to extend the range of your network. Note that in order for a Z-Wave device to work as a range extender, it must be plugged in or hard-wired. Battery-powered Z-Wave devices will not work as range extenders.

Connect the device that is farthest away from your Hub last. This will ensure that the layout of your mesh network is optimized.


You may be experiencing local connectivity issues

SmartThings Hub와 모바일 앱 모두 올바르게 작동하려면 안정적인 인터넷 연결이 필요합니다. 기기가 응답하지 않으면 LED를 통해 Hub가 아직 온라인 상태인지 확인하십시오. 표시등이 녹색이 아니면 Hub를 다시 온라인 상태로 전환하기 위한 최선의 방법을 확인하십시오.

Switch from your phone's standard cellular connection to local Wi-Fi and vice versa. If your phone is having trouble processing the real-time updates from our servers, your switch or dimmer may not appear to be working properly.


Repair your Z-Wave network

Z-Wave 메시 네트워크의 최적 연결을 위해 모바일 앱에서 Z-Wave 네트워크 복구를 실행하십시오.

  1. Tap the menu 
  2. Tap the Hub
  3. Z-Wave Utilities(Z-Wave 유틸리티)를 누릅니다.
  4. Repair Z-Wave Network(Z-Wave 네트워크 복구)를 누릅니다.

Wait before sending any commands to your devices to allow the repair to complete. This may take up to 15 minutes.

또한 당사의 무선 범위 및 중계기 가이드를 참조하십시오.

현재 Windows 휴대전화에서는 Z-Wave 네트워크 복구를 사용할 수 없습니다. Windows 전화기를 사용 중이거나 Z-Wave 네트워크 복구에 도움이 필요한 경우 support@smartthings.com으로 연락하십시오.


Remove the GE switch or dimmer and reconnect it to your Hub

Often, removing the device and reconnecting it wtih the Hub can clear up unresponsiveness. It's important to remember that Z-Wave devices must confirm they're being removed from a controller, typically with a button press via the device itself. In the case of the in-wall switch or dimmer, this means turning the device on and off as you would use it normally.

먼저, 기기가 있는 SmartApps에서 기기를 제거합니다.

  1. My Home(홈) 을 누릅니다.
  2. Things(연결기기)를 누릅니다.
  3. 기기를 누릅니다.
  4. SmartApps 보기를 누릅니다.
  5. SmartApp을 누릅니다.
  6. Remove(제거)를 누릅니다.
  7. 제거를 확인합니다.
  8. 기기와 연결된 모든 SmartApps에서 반복합니다.

다음 단계:

  1. My Home(홈) 을 누릅니다.
  2. Things(연결기기)를 누릅니다.
  3. 기기를 누릅니다.
  4. 톱니 모양 아이콘을 누릅니다.
  5. Remove(제거)를 누릅니다.
  6. 제거를 확인합니다.
  7. When prompted to follow the manufacturer's instructions for device removal, turn the switch on and off.

Then add the device to the Hub once again.


Hub를 껐다 켭니다.

If the switch or dimmer has had trouble processing events for an extended period of time, it may be dealing with a backlog of commands to get to. A good old-fashioned reboot of the Hub can do the trick.

Hub 뒤쪽에 안으로 들어가 있는 빨간색 버튼을 한 번 눌러서 Samsung SmartThings Hub(Hub v2)를 재부팅하십시오. LED가 녹색으로 켜질 때까지 5-10분간 기다립니다. 이 표시는 Hub가 다시 온라인 상태임을 나타냅니다.

If you have Hub v1, reboot the Hub by unplugging it from both Ethernet and power, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in.


Check that the device itself is drawing power

The GE in-wall switch or dimmer can be turned on and off manually by pressing the switch on the device itself. If your switch is not responding to commands from the mobile app, make sure this button works. If it doesn't, double-check your wiring scheme.


Physically reset the switch or dimmer

There is always a small amount of power traveling through the switch to the plugged-in lamp or appliance, even when the device is turned off. But there's an easy way to disconnect power entirely and reset the switch or dimmer.

  1. Locate the air gap switch. You'll find this button-like switch at the bottom of the device, near the LED light
  2. Pull out the air gap switch to disconnect the power
  3. Push the air gap switch back in

Make sure the air gap switch is pushed in all the way, otherwise you won't be able to control your appliance.

Still not working? Turn to (We got 99 problems, but a switch ain't one.)


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