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SmartThings + Amazon Echo FAQ

SmartThings works with Amazon Echo as a Hub Service to give you command of your smart home through voice controls. Read below for answers to some common questions about SmartThings + Amazon Echo.


How do I connect Amazon Echo with SmartThings?

Go to this article to learn how to connect Amazon Echo with SmartThings.


Can I use more than one Amazon Echo with SmartThings?

Yes. If you have multiple Amazon Echoes throughout your home and would like to use them with SmartThings, first add the Amazon Echo devices to the same Amazon account by following these instructions on the Amazon Echo Help page.

Then, follow these steps to connect Amazon Echo with SmartThings. You only need to perform this process once, regardless of the number of Amazon Echoes. Once connected, all of your Amazon Echo devices can be used to control lights and switches associated with that single SmartThings Location.


Can I control multiple SmartThings Locations with Alexa?

No, not at this time. But we are working on an update that will allow multiple Amazon Echoes on separate Amazon accounts to control separate SmartThings Locations.


How do thermostats work with Amazon Echo?

Compatible thermostats connected to your SmartThings Hub can be controlled with Amazon Echo.


일부 문구 예는 다음과 같습니다.

“Alexa, raise kitchen thermostat by 10 degrees.”

“Alexa, lower kitchen thermostat by 10 degrees.”

“Alexa, set kitchen thermostat to 70 degrees.”


Possible responses from Alexa include:

“Setting kitchen thermostat heat to 80.” (When thermostat’s current mode is “Heat.”)

“Setting kitchen thermostat AC to 70.” (When thermostat’s current mode is “Cool.”)

“The device ‘kitchen thermostat’ is not responding.” (When thermostat’s current mode is “Off.”)


The thermostat’s mode cannot be changed via Amazon Echo. Adjustments to mode must be made via the thermostat’s physical display, the SmartThings app, or the thermostat’s native app (if applicable).


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